Our mission is to empower and inspire women by creating high quality beauty products and educational tools that provide women with the confidence and belief that makeup is fun and every woman is beautiful in her own right.
— Kristy Probst - Founder of Glampro Cosmetics

Founded by makeup artist & beauty addict Kristy Probst, Glampro is a world class cosmetics brand offering superior quality beauty products to suit every face, age & lifestyle. 

Having experienced much success as a professional dancer, Kristy's passion for all things makeup evolved and she decided to immerse herself in the world of makeup and started sharing her skills and expertise with others. Kristy loves the confidence that makeup gives to people once they see their natural beauty enhanced and wanted to create products that could make every woman feel special and glamorous available right in their own home.

Kristy holds Glampro's mink Lash collection close to her heart and is excited to share more exciting products with her glam squad in the future.


Why choose Glampro


- Up to 25 wears

- Handmade and Custom Built

- Easy to apply cotton band

- Super soft and lightweight

- Premium mink fibre

- Natural looking feathery feel

- Wide range of styles to suit every face

- Cruelty Free